Facility Management

At Raj Facility Management, we take pride in our strong team base, which comprises over 400 dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our teams work across the following departments to provide top-quality facility management services to the people we serve:


Water Supply


Collection & Public Relations


Property Renovation

Maintenance & Cleaning

Waste Management

Landscape & Gardening



Security & Surveillance

Facility Management

Daily Cleaning & Sweeping of over 150 streets.

Daily Cleaning & Sweeping of more than 10 Kms 

of Main Roads.

Daily Electrical Supply & Maintenance of more than 1500 streets lights.

Security control of all entry & exits and common roads of the colony.

Daily water distribution to over 6000 families.

Catering to every plumbing & electrical need of the colony.

Daily waste collection from every


Taking care of over 40 parks, 5000 trees and other green spaces.

Planting & nursing of 500-1000 trees every


Continuously working towards fullling every need of our residents.